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Consider emerging opportunities and implications for continuing a successful law firm. Strategic guidance and key insights from one of the market leaders: The changing legal world Mergers are not always the perfect partnership. The “new kids on the block” ... Is there room for all of us?


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“An excellent run through the whole anomalies and clarified omissions.” Partner 10 Partner Firm, April 2013 “Practical rather than academic” COLP, 2 Partner Firm, May 2013
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All firms do not have exactly the same requirements - that's why we adapt our services to suit you. We will undertake an audit tailored precisely to all the rules relevant to your firm.

For the first time in its history the profession is dealing with outcome focused regulations. The fear of an SRA visit can be taken away by our highly skilled Regulatory Complaince specialists.

Our comprehensive Regulatory Compliance Audits will give you peace of mind that:-
  • You are complying with the requirements of the Code of Conduct as well as other Regulatory Requirements, (e.g. Distance Selling Regulation, Equality Act 2012, Data Protection Principles and Bribery Act)
  • Your systems make provision for checks on those to whom documents are sent and undertakings are obtained to protect against the information being misused.
  • Your complaints policy is sufficiently robust to deal with the new challenges posed by the Legal Services Act and the Legal Ombudsman.
  • Your system for dealing with costs estimates will stand up against recent decisions by the Courts.
 Usually, there are 3 stages to our Regulatory Compliance audits:
  1. Pre-audit desk study, which is a preliminary check of your relevant procedures against requirements;
  2. A review of statistically sound sample files to ensure compliance with all client care requirements;
  3. A visit to your office (min of 1 day). This allows us to assess the rules against what is actually happening in the firm. We will interview a sample of personnel within different roles to ensure the roles are relevant to the individual are understood.
The audit you will receive will include a written Regulatory Compliance report identifying our finding and any areas of non-compliance plus any recommendations for change.

To provide you with a comprehensive fixed fee quotation, please answer the following:-

1.     How many people have care and conduct of files?
2.     How many offices does your firm have?

3.     Do you pay for work referred to you?

Our highly qualified team of specialists will be able to advise you. Call Helen Glaze on 01244 571440 for an informal discussion. 

Demonstrate to your PI Insurers that you are proactively managing risk.