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Which Way Now Seminar

Consider emerging opportunities and implications for continuing a successful law firm. Strategic guidance and key insights from one of the market leaders: The changing legal world Mergers are not always the perfect partnership. The “new kids on the block” ... Is there room for all of us?


Excellent & Practical

“An excellent run through the whole anomalies and clarified omissions.” Partner 10 Partner Firm, April 2013 “Practical rather than academic” COLP, 2 Partner Firm, May 2013
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The most comprehensive, forensic, independent file reviews available providing an in depth analysis of your fee earners’ performance.

Trends are identified on an individual fee earners basis, by department/team, or firm wide.

By using our reporting format you can quickly and easily see where precisely in a file a problem lies, allowing swift corrective action and ensuring the same error does not occur on other client files.



Not just a hand written or tick box report. 

Each file receives a detailed, typed report where each criterion is determined as compliant or non-compliant. For non-conformances the details we provide ensure you don't have to spend time re-reading the file to understand the report.  

In times of rapid change or areas where fee earner performance is having a detrimental effect on your client service delivery, a categorisation report can be provided which identifies whether a non-conformance is minor or major.

By tackling the major non-conformances rapid improvements can be made.


We also provide an analysis per fee earner so trends against the criteria can be seen.

We are able to provide a higher level team or departmental analysis so management can, on one sheet of paper, have an overview of the standard of work being given to their clients.

Some clients find graphical analysis useful and some like to have a narrative analysis of the non conformances. We can provide both of these additional analyses.


We review files so you can think about your clients