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Which Way Now Seminar

Consider emerging opportunities and implications for continuing a successful law firm. Strategic guidance and key insights from one of the market leaders: The changing legal world Mergers are not always the perfect partnership. The “new kids on the block” ... Is there room for all of us?


Excellent & Practical

“An excellent run through the whole anomalies and clarified omissions.” Partner 10 Partner Firm, April 2013 “Practical rather than academic” COLP, 2 Partner Firm, May 2013
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Which Way Now Seminar

Staying Ahead of Your Competitors

An afternoon seminar on the impact of ABS’s, mergers and acquisitions, network choices and franchise opportunities or whether remaining independent may be the most beneficial option.

Key Strategic Business Leader and Prolific Author, Andrew Hedley, will guide you on the impact.   Andrew will share with you his personal experience of the success strategies currently shaping the UK’s legal services sector.  In the future, successful firms will position themselves at the forefront of the profession.  Those firms will require a clear strategy that is meticulously executed to ensure success.  They will succeed because they run a better legal services business not by continually improving their legal knowledge.

These firms will have 3 things in common:

  1. Clarity of work type.
  2. Clarity of client focus.
  3. Clarity of alignment of their business model.

The alliance of these 3 critical success factors will ensure they deliver superior value to their clients and generate sustainable profits for their owners.


Seminar Objectives

You will receive strategic guidance and key insights from one of the market leaders enabling you to consider the emerging opportunities with confidence in context of your firm.  You will acquire an understanding of:

  • The changing legal world and its implications for you and your continuing successful business.
  • Are we fine as we are or do “two need to become one”?  Mergers are not always the perfect partnership.
  • The impact of the “new kids on the block” and whether there’s room for all of us?

The seminar will be a mix of plenary sessions with discussions and group work. Andrew will share his experience and provide clear guidance. Topics for discussion will include ABS's, mergers and acquisitions, network choices and franchise opportunities or whether remaining independent would be the most beneficial option for you.

You will hear him explain positioning strategies and their impact on day to day tasks as well as the regulatory management  implications.  You will have a greater understanding of your options and choices and their implications for you and your firm.  Whilst strategic positioning often requires you to confidently undertake a high level strategic review, you will also learn the small changes that can positively affect your firm and your clients. 


Seminar Speaker

Andrew   Hedley   is   a   recognised   and   respected  leading   authority   on   successful   strategies   in   a changing   legal   market.     He   is   a   prolific   author,   member   of   the   Editorial   Board   of   Managing Partner, a Fellow of the Institute of Directors and Strategic Planning Society and the Chartered Management Institute.  He is in great demand by UK law firm leaders for his advice on strategy, business   development   and   change   projects   that   deliver   immediate   and   sustainable improvements in performance. 
A ½ day with him would cost you in excess of £1500.00.


Dates and Venues

To be confirmed


Cost £179 + VAT

The price is per delegate and includes refreshments.


Continuing Professional Development

Distinctive   Partnerships   is   accredited   as   an   external   course   provider   by   the   Solicitors   Regulation   Authority.  Attending this seminar qualifies you for 3 CPD hours.


To Secure Your Place

  1. Telephone 01244 571440 and speak to the Course Director Helen or email her
  2. Your place will be reserved and you will receive an invoice for the seminar cost of £179 + VAT.  Payment can be made either by BACS or by cheque.
  3. Upon receipt of your payment, your place will be confirmed and you will receive detailed joining instructions.

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