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Partnerships Courses

Partners have unique responsibilities within a law firm and these courses provide the foundation for any partner whether they are new to the position or established partners.

Governance - Harnessing Your Might - Nick Jarrett-Kerr
Law firms – along with every other commercial organisation – need to decide how best they should organise themselves to be successful. In addition, more and more external stakeholders – such as banks, insurers and regulators – are reviewing the internal management hierarchies and partnership structures of law firms to help them decide whether or not the firm is well coordinated and managed and employs a coherent governance structure. This course will enable participants to review the structure, governance and organisation of their firm and adjust or transform it to meet current and future needs as well as to align it to the firm’s strategy. Corporate structures will be considered as well as the more traditional partnership and LLP structures. 

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Managing Performance Reward – Peter Scott
This is a practical work-based course on law firm performance and reward management which will be bespoke to meeting your firm’s objectives in achieving competitive advantage in relation to both meeting client needs and in relation to be able to recruit and retain high performers.
This will involve, inter alia, managing client and partner expectations and will focus on the key areas of matching partner rewards to contribution and aligning partner reward mechanisms with advancing your firm’s strategic objectives
The course is designed to provide you with practical skills for managing the internal processes of change which may be necessary, if you are to successfully deliver results in these critical areas.
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Increasing Partner Contribution - Joy Harcup
Partner coaching individually tailored over 6 months to ensure that the participant increases his/her contribution to the Firm by carrying out partner responsibilities more effectively.This course has a special relevance for newly appointed partners as well as established partners who are undergoing a change of role or otherwise wish to increase their effectiveness. It can help you to focus on your priorities, make changes and accelerate the achievement of your goals in areas such as leadership, team building, business development, personal effectiveness, life balance and mental resilience. For example, for new partners the transition to partnership is a rewarding but challenging time. For this course you will be mentored by Joy Harcup through the initial period of transition. New partner coaching provides individual tailored support during the first 6 months of the transition, so that you become more effective as a partner, quicker.

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The Essential Skills of a Managing Partner – Peter Scott
This is a practical work-based course on the roles and responsibilities of a managing partner (or an equivalent job title) in a law firm, which will be bespoke to meeting your firm’s needs in terms of its leadership and management objectives.
By the end of this course you will be able to:
  • Identify the precise leadership and management roles and responsibilities which will need to be performed by the ‘Top Team’ in your firm if your firm is to successfully achieve its goals.
  • Define your personal overall role and mandate to lead the firm and the terms upon which you will carry out that role, including the resources you will have made available to you.
  • Define how you and the ‘Top Team’ will work operationally together to most effectively manage the firm, including how to use delegation in the most effective way 

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